What do we mean by "COM-compliance"?

The Component Object Model (or "COM") is Microsoft's approach to component re-usability through the definition of a set of interfaces which different software applications are able to understand.

The issue of COM-compliance is becoming increasingly important as more and more organisations exploit the recent growth in the use of Applications Integration tools.

The crucial property of a COM-compliant application is that it can be controlled from another COM-compliant application.  This is the basic technology behind Microsoft Office and it allows the various applications in Office to be tightly integrated.

Before committing yourself to a particular statistics package check that it is in fact capable of communicating with other software applications through COM.  If it isn't, you could be severely restricting any future integration of your statistical analyses with the rest of your business/research processes.

RSD Associates Excel Add-In Products

Our range of add-ins is partly built on top of statistics COM-servers.  We are gradually expanding the range of statistical functions available.  However, not all of our servers are currently available for general release, although this will change early next year (2000).  For details of currently available server objects please contact us.