Data Management






Production / Quality Data Management Solutions

As well as our off-the-shelf products, we have expertise in delivering solutions in the following areas

Custom data-entry user-interfaces

A data-entry user-interface customized to meet your exact requirements will reduce the time  taken to enter your data and eliminate the frustration often experienced by data-entry operators when using an off-the-shelf data collection package. 

Distributed Data Collection

Data collected from computers at different locations throughout your company can be stored and managed on a central database enabling simultaneous access by more than one person. Data can be accessed both locally and remotely across the internet by anyone with access permission. 

Custom Databases

RSD Associates can provide a number of database solutions on a range of formats (MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle etc) including :
  • Microsoft Access database development

  • Merging data from different database types so it can be accessed and analyzed from a single application

  • Integrating databases with custom front-ends and our quality improvement software products

Multi-Stream Data Collection

Our generic multi-stream data-collection application is ideal for collecting and managing data from multi-stream manufacturing processes such as glass and plastic bottle manufacturers, plastic injection moulders and food manufacturers.  The application allows you to manage product specifications, job runs and measurement data within a single integrated user-interface, and generate reports in Microsoft Excel.  The underlying database technology (ADO/OLE-DB) enables a wide range of database formats to be used without requiring any changes to the application.  For example, you could start with a system based on MS Access and then easily move to MS SQL Server or Oracle.

The multi-stream front-end is not an off-the-shelf product, but rather is a core template from which we work to build a data management system suited to your particular needs.  However, the sophistication of the core template means that customisation costs are kept low.

Access to Historical Data

By using Universal Data Access (UDA) technology, a wide range of database and computer system platforms can be integrated with your custom user-interface and analysis tools enabling data stored on a wide range of databases to be accessed. The range of supported data sources and computer operating systems are:

Our data collection solutions can be created from our existing templates, so that development costs are reduced, or designed to meet your exact needs.  Integrating custom user-interfaces with a range of databases and analysis tools (including SPC) creates a powerful data collection and management system. The product of such a system is information that can be used to improve quality and efficiency and lower operating costs.