Powerful, clutter-free statistical software tools for engineers, scientists and quality professionals.

Our current statistical software product range provides a complementary set of tools for quality professionals, engineers and research scientists.  Our desktop range of products operate as Excel add-ins, immediately providing a front-end which is familiar to most PC users.  As Microsoft Office is now the standard in many organizations, the advantages of basing your statistical analysis within this environment will become increasing important.

Also critically important is support from your IT department - a problem which disappears with the use of Excel add-ins.

Our current products are:

NEW! NetSPC - a powerful and flexible multi-tier networked SPC system that runs on the Internet as easily as it does on your LAN.

Mesa: Incredibly easy to use and features an extensive range of R&R and Measurement Process Evaluation tools that will enable you to determine the major sources of variation in your measurement processes, and then go on to reduce them.

Proceed: Features an extensive range of SPC data entry, charting and analysis tools that will enable you to fully exploit the potential of SPC without incurring high implementation costs. Proceed is suitable for both shop-floor and non-shop-floor use. It is easily networked and a gauge-enabled version is also available. 

Matrex: Features an extensive range of Design of Experiments / Taguchi tools that will enable you to model and optimize complex multi-factor processes and products.  The spreadsheet environment is the natural place for carrying out Design of Experiments (DoE) studies.

Chemetrica: Features a wide range of data preparation, analysis and charting tools that will enable you to perform the most common types of analysis used in chemometrics. Combine Chemetrica with Matrex (Design of Experiments) to create an extremely powerful suite of tools for chemometrics studies.


The above products operate as Add-Ins to Microsoft Excel.  For further details on how add-ins operate, and the advantages of using them, click here.