Chemetrica Chemometrics in Excel






Chemometrics in Excel!

Chemetrica is a new tool for those working in the field of Chemometrics with unique and powerful features.  It operates as an Add-In for Microsoft Excel and contains a wide range of data preparation, charting and analysis tools, enabling you to perform the most common types of multivariate analysis used in chemistry.  Chemetrica provides a wide range of graphical output options to help you to understand your data - allowing you to build models that can be changed with the click of a button.

For further details go to the features page.

Benefits of using an Excel Add-In for Chemometrics

  • If you know how to use Excel then you will be immediately familiar with Chemetrica's front-end. Chemetrica simply adds a new menu to the existing Excel menu bar.

  • You still have full access to the built-in facilities of Excel, making a powerful combination for data manipulation and analysis.

  • Advanced users can combine Excel’s Visual Basic programming language and Chemetrica’s COM-server architecture for maximum flexibility.

Combine Chemetrica with our Matrex Design of Experiments package for the ultimate toolset for Chemometrics work.