What is Chemometrics?

Chemometrics is a rapidly growing area in analytical chemistry.  It is a combination of multivariate statistical techniques, computer-based data analysis and chemistry.  With the growth in computer-controlled data acquisition, the amount of data collected has meant that hand calculations are no longer practical.  Chemometrics tools relieve the user of the burden of tedious calculation, allowing them to concentrate on selecting the best analysis method, examining the data for potential problems, and building and testing models.

Common areas addressed by Chemometrics include multivariate calibration, visualization of data and pattern recognition.  Although many of these techniques have a long history in statistics, it is only with increases in computing power that they have become suitable for the large real-life datasets encountered in many branches of modern chemistry.

For details on our Chemetrica software go to the Chemetrica features page.

Combine Chemetrica with our Matrex Design of Experiments package for the ultimate toolset for Chemometrics work.