On-line Ordering in our Secure E-Shop

Our e-shop provides a secure means of ordering our add-ins for payment by Mastercard or Visa. We currently have Mesa available for on-line purchase, with Xigma, Matrex and Proceed downloads scheduled for Q1 2004.

For security, our e-shop is hosted by OneAndOne, one of the largest e-commerce providers in the world. In addition, all credit card processing is done manually - with a delay of 24-36 hours before your card is debited. 

Before entering our e-shop, we recommend that you review our software licence.  This is a standard licence type and is the licence that is displayed during the installation process.

Click here to enter our e-shop.

Value Added Tax / Sales Tax

You may have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) on the software you purchase

Pay VAT / Sales Tax at 17.5%

  • If you are a UK resident company.
  • If you are a European company without a VAT/Sales Tax Number.

Don't pay VAT / Sales Tax

  • If you are not a European country eg USA, Australia.
  • If you are a European company with a VAT/Sales Tax Number (please supply VAT number with order).

If you use our on-line shop then tax calculations will be handled for you automatically.