Matrex Design of Experiments






Design of Experiments and Taguchi within the familiar Excel environment.

Matrex is a powerful Add-In for Microsoft Excel containing a full range of tools enabling you to design sophisticated experiments and analyze the results.  Whatever your level of statistical expertise, you will find Matrex easy to use.  The extensive range of easy-to-interpret graphical techniques will enable you to quickly identify the active factors.  Just as importantly, graphical methods facilitate the communication of results to others.  The use of Design of Experiments methodology is increasing in industry, as engineers and scientists come to realize the great improvements in processes and products which can be obtained.

Matrex is developed and backed by software developers who have extensive experience of running designed experiments in industry and research.  This means that we know what's needed for running real experiments - and can incorporate this into our software.

For full details on Matrex's capabilities, see the features page.  A down-loadable demo will be available in the near future.

Benefits of using an Excel Add-In for DoE

  • If you know how to use Excel then you will be immediately familiar with Matrex's front-end. Matrex simply adds a new menu to the existing Excel menubar.

  • Being an Excel Add-In, Matrex is easy for your IT department to install, network and maintain.

  • The two-dimensional array nature of experimental designs means that a spreadsheet interface is the natural place to carry out DoE calculations.

  • Combine Matrex with Proceed (Statistical Process Control) and Mesa (Measurement Process Evaluation) to create a powerful suite of process/product improvement tools.

For a more extensive discussion on the benefits of using Excel as your user-interface, see the page on Excel Add-Ins.