Proceed Statistical Process Control






Proceed - a powerful Statistical Process Control package for use on the shop-floor, in the laboratory or for historical data analysis on your desk-top PC.

Proceed is an Add-In for Microsoft Excel containing an extensive  range of Statistical Process Control (SPC) charting and analysis tools, enabling you to fully exploit the potential of SPC without incurring high implementation costs.  In particular, because Proceed operates as an add-in to Microsoft Excel, the real cost-of-ownership is very low.

Proceed is suitable for both shop-floor and non-shop-floor use, is easily networked and is gauge-enabled.  It is ideal for implementing SPC in non-manufacturing processes within your company, such as purchasing, since Excel is a familiar tool in these areas.

For full details on Proceed's capabilities, see the features page.  A down-loadable demo will be available in the near future.

Benefits of using an Excel Add-In for SPC

  • If you know how to use Excel then you will be immediately familiar with Proceed's front-end. Proceed simply adds a new menu to the existing Excel menu-bar.

  • Being an Excel Add-In, Proceed is easy for your IT department to install, network and maintain.

  • Combine Proceed with Mesa (Measurement Process Evaluation) and Matrex (Design of Experiments) to create a powerful suite of process improvement tools.