Proceed Features


The range of features available in Proceed can be classified into the following categories:

Chart Options

Analysis Options

Gauge Enabled

Chart Options

Proceed provides a very wide range of designs, including the following:

  • X-bar/R
  • X-bar/s
  • X/mR
  • X-bar/mR
  • EWMA 
  • np
  • c

Proceed includes both short-run and multiple defect SPC


Analysis Options

Included in the analysis options are the following:

  • Capability Analysis Cp, Cpk

  • Normal Plot

  • Normality Checking

  • Scree Plot

  • Basic Statistics (Mean, Median, Standard Deviation, Skewness and Kurtosis)

  • % above and % below USL and LSL respectively

  • 2 sample t-test

  • 2 sample F-test

  • Analysis of Means (ANOM)

  • Grubb's Outlier Test

  • Multiple Variance Test

  • Cochran's C Test

  • Defect Cost Analysis

  • Stem & Leaf Plot

  • Box & Whisker Plot

  • Pareto Chart

  • Bar Chart

Gauge Enabled

A gauge enabled version of Proceed is available. For more details click here.