Mesa R&R and MPE





Mesa - unparalleled ease of use in an R&R/MPE software package

  • Are poor measurement processes compromising your quality improvement efforts?

  • Are your customers demanding R&R estimates?

We believe that Mesa is the easiest-to-use software available for carrying out R&R and Measurement Process Evaluation studies - bar none!

It couldn't get any easier - just type your measurements into the "Raw Data" sheet and all the charts and analyses will automatically update!  

Mesa exploits Excel's spreadsheet functionality to create a fully linked workbook, hence keeping menu use to the absolute minimum.  This leaves you free to concentrate on what's important - eliminating the problems caused by large sources of variation in your measurement processes.

As well as conventional R&R tools, Mesa includes methods described in "Evaluating The Measurement Process" by Donald J. Wheeler and Richard W. Lyday.  The Wheeler and Lyday approach (MPE) puts emphasis on identifying and eliminating unwanted sources of variation, and provides powerful graphical methods for achieving this.  

For full details on Mesa's capabilities, see the features page.  A down-loadable demo is also available.

Benefits of using an Excel Add-In for MPE

  • If you know how to use Excel then you will be immediately familiar with Mesa's front-end. Mesa simply adds a new menu to the existing Excel menubar.

  • Being an Excel Add-In, Mesa is easy for your IT department to install, network and maintain.

  • Combine Mesa with Proceed (Statistical Process Control) and Matrex (Design of Experiments) to create a powerful suite of process improvement tools.