What are Excel Add-Ins?

Many of our products operate as Add-Ins to Microsoft Excel.  Excel Add-Ins (*.xla files) are programs that add extra features to Excel and are installed by default in the Excel\Library folder.  By selecting Tools  Add-Ins from the Excel menu-bar, the Add-In dialog box is displayed.  Selecting an Add-In from this dialog loads the Add-In file and makes its range of functionality available to Excel. 

Our range of add-ins provide a new set of menu options which integrate into the main Excel menu-bar.  For example, choosing the Proceed add-in adds the name Proceed to the menu-bar and allows you to access Proceeds' full range of Statistical Process Control features. 

Many Add-Ins can be added to the Excel menu-bar (you are not restricted to a single Add-In) and so you can use different Add-Ins at the same time.

What are the benefits of using an Excel Add-In?

RSD Associates decided to develop its range of Quality Improvement software products as Excel Add-Ins for several reasons:

  • The critical hurdle of local IT support is easily achieved - Excel comes with its own set of add-ins, so company IT departments are already set up to support your RSD Associates add-in.

  • Many companies, their suppliers and customers store their data in Excel

  • The Excel environment is familiar to many people and is a natural choice for SPC implementation in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing (e.g. purchasing or finance)

  • Data is not locked in a file format that is difficult to access from other applications and so the data can be easily imported, exported and shared.

  • All software Add-In products are contained within Excel and so there are no additional software packages to maintain

  • Networking is easy - just network Excel and the Add-Ins are networked automatically.

  • You have access to a growing range of Quality tools all within Excel

  • The tabbed sheets used in Excel provide a convenient way to organize multiple analyses and charts.  The alternative is usually a mish-mash of over-lapping windows which are difficult to navigate through.