NetSPC Statistical Process Control






NetSPC - The new standard in networked Statistical Process Control systems!

Our newest product is NetSPC - a sophisticated network-based system that gives you unprecedented power and flexibility in data collection and analysis.

NetSPC uses the standard TCP/IP protocol for communication, i.e. the protocol used on the Internet and on your Intranet.

With NetSPC you can run your system across the Internet as easily as on your internal network.

The transition from Intranet to Internet is seamless - just point the NetSPC front-end at the appropriate IP address.

We're currently working on a more detailed description of the NetSPC system - please check back soon or contact us at

Some benefits of NetSPC

  • Built on a sophisticated multi-tier architecture - eliminates the limitations of the, now obsolete, traditional Client-Server approach.
  • Wide range of database servers supported (Oracle, MS SQL Server, Interbase and Sybase SQL Anywhere).
  • Native database access available for the fastest database access possible.
  • OLEDB data access interface also available.
  • Easily handles massive data volumes.