Universal Data Access


Universal Data Access and Data Mining

Many companies are beginning to realize that the data they collect and store  is a valuable asset but don’t know how to access and analyze it. With the creation of Universal Data Access technology, access to data from diverse sources using a single user-interface is now easily achievable.

RSD Associates provide a range of data-merging and data-mining solutions for manufacturing industry across a wide range of database platforms.  These solutions are based on Universal Data Access technology and our range of statistical analysis tools.

Much of the data in use today is stored in different database formats and on different computer platforms. Such data-diversity prevents data from being merged and analyzed. The development of Universal Data Access technology combined with sophisticated query engines means that this is now possible. Universal Data Access provides an industry standard, unified view of all data across an organization regardless of its format or location.

Universal Data Access can be achieved using “database middleware” which can be thought of as software that sits “in the middle” between your application and data sources acting as a buffer between the two. Universal Data Access removes the need to archive diverse data into a single data warehouse by creating a virtual data warehouse for you. This means that although your data is held in a variety of formats and on a variety of computers running a variety of operating systems, UDA middleware makes it appear as if your data is of a single format from a single computer and operating system.

The advanced query engine enables queries to be run across different types of data source. Such queries are called Heterogeneous Queries. This opens up many new data-analysis opportunities. In particular, sophisticated Data-Mining tools can be applied  to extract patterns and relationships from the data.


Supported Data Sources

Relational Databases

Non-Relational Databases File Systems
Ingres IMS/DB Flat Files
Oracle   RMS
RdbSQL   Text Files
RedBrick Warehouse   VSAM
relational OLE DB    
SQL server    


Supported Platforms

Windows Unix Open VMS Other
Windows 95/98 HP-UX Open VMS-VAX Tandem NSK
Intel Windows NT IBM-AIX Open VMS-Alpha IBM-MVS
Alpha Windows NT Sun-Solaris