General Features

Tour to help guide you through the basic steps required to use Matrex.


Blocking : Factorial and Response Surface designs. Select the number of center points per block. Blocking information, including additional confounding, is output automatically to the reference worksheet

Randomization : Run order can be randomized

Coded / Physical values : Performs analysis in either mode

Transformations : 1/y, y 2, y 0.5, ln(y), exp(y), sin-1(y 0.5), sin 2(y), rank(y)

Responses : Multiple responses in a single workbook

Model Building : Build full or custom models. Standard errors determined from replications error, regression residual or specified variance

Robust Design / Taguchi : Model mean and variance for robust design studies. Utilizes GRG non-linear programming optimization methods with flexible constraints

Missing Values : Matrex identifies missing values and prevents access to analysis options requiring balance

Botched Factor Levels 

Project Manager : Enables you to keep track of your designed experiments


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