About RSD Associates

Established in 1993, RSD Associates provide a range of statistical software and data management solutions to industrial and research establishments worldwide.  All products are developed in-house by a software development team consisting of Engineers and Scientists with extensive experience gained in both industry and research.  This means that we develop tools based on what our experience tells us Engineers and Scientists need.  Our current products are:
  • Mesa: Measurement Process Evaluation/Gauge R&R
  • Proceed: Statistical Process Control
  • Matrex: Design of Experiments
  • Chemetrica: Chemometrics
  • NetSPC: Network/Internet SPC System (NEW!)

The first four products in the above list operate as Add-Ins to Microsoft Excel (for more information about how Add-Ins operate within Excel go to the add-ins page).

Our specific software expertise covers C++ (including MFC/ATL and C++Builder), Delphi and Visual Basic.  Using C++ and Delphi we create sophisticated COM servers, hence allowing our product components to be incorporated into other development environments.  This "COM-compliance" is an important aspect of applications integration - one of the most active areas today in business computing.

Our general areas of expertise include:

  • Data Merging and Data Mining

  • Universal Data Access / Database Development

  • Shop-floor Data Collection

  • Quality Data Solutions  - integrating custom front-ends with databases and Quality Improvement / Statistical products